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Thoughts on Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg lived up to hype tonight with another big strikeout night while throwing 99 mph into the 7th inning. Unfortunately for him, his team could not score despite some early errors by the Braves. Strasburg struck out only 7 but was keeping hitters off-balance all night. In the 7th he got a taylor made 6-4-3 double play only to be booted by the shortstop, Ian Desmond. This opened the flood gates as the Braves went onto win the game 5-0.

My early thoughts on Strasburg was his ability to consistently throw 97-99 mph throughout the game. From what I saw, he threw very few, if any, curveballs tonight. He strictly threw fastballs and change-ups. Even without his curve he was able to mix up his pitches. He got stronger and better as the game went on.

I think as time goes on he is going to have to adjust more and more, especially when he starts seeing National League East team’s the 2nd and 3rd time around. Strasburg will be the next guy to strikeout 300 in a season. Write it down.

He went to more three ball counts then he did in his first four starts. He knows he needs to work outside the strike zone just a little bit to be successful. If he throws to many strikes hitters will begin to tee-off and shorten up their swings. I think he has begun to make the adjustments that league has made on him. This will have to continue for his development.

Almost 10,000 tickets were bought today to see the game. The Braves usually draw between 20-25,000 a game. The attendance was 42,000. For a  Monday in Atlanta that is pretty damn good. The average attendance for Mr. Strasburg’s for his first four starts was 37,664. Pretty impressive for a last place team.

One thing that has been bothering me is “putting Steven Strasburg on the All-Star team because it is for the fans” theory. Really? When having home field advantage for the World Series being decided by who wins this game, it is hardly for the fans. Not to mention the game is sold out. Whether Stephen Strasburg is there or not will not hurt ticket sales. 

My other point is that he will only have started seven game before the break. It is not fair to guys who may have never been on the team and having a better year from the beginning of the season. The kid will make plenty of All-Star teams. just not this one!

The kid has an extremely bright future, hopefully he will be help the Nationals turn it around.


2 responses

  1. 42,000. Wow, that is awesome. I don’t know if he can strikeout 300 in a season because of the 5-man rotation, but I agree he has a better chance than anybody. 162/5=32.4 300/32.4=9.26 strikeouts per start (not per 9, per start) for a season just to hit 300. That would certainly be awesome to witness. And for the record, I totally agree on the all-star issue. He’ll see plenty of all-star games, no need to rush.

    June 28, 2010 at 11:54 PM

  2. blask22

    The 300 strikeout season is extremely tough but if anyone has a shot it has to be him.

    The Nationals should only pitch him at home, more revenue for a team that really is going to need people in the seats if they continue to fall out of it.

    June 29, 2010 at 12:06 AM

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